The Details

Simultaneous worship and prayer teams in as many as possible of the locations where God has worked powerfully in Europe in the past!

How will this be done? 

Firstly, please book the dates in your calendar:  21st – 23rd June 2019

We are telling as many people as possible about this project, and asking them to gather a group to worship and pray at a spiritual well near them. This may be where there was a revival, an awakening, a reformation, a monastery, a mission base, a powerful preacher, evangelist or other ministry, … anything that significantly built the kingdom of God.

The Programme
These are the common themes for each day, that we should all follow so that we are coordinated in the spirit. Then our voice will be louder and we will be a sharper weapon in the Lord’s hand:

Friday 21st June    Celebrate and thank God for his goodness to Europe over 2000 years. See the summary of Europe’s Christian history and be encouraged by all that he has done. At the same time, mourn that Europe has now turned away from God and also for the times when we have treated the Jewish people badly. Thank him for his mercy and compassion and expect him to do much more in our continent!

Saturday 22nd       Ask God to reopen the well that you are worshiping at, as Isaac did in Genesis 26:18, and also ask him to reopen all the wells all over Europe.

Sunday 23rd          Ask God to open many new spiritual wells, as in Genesis 26:22, and to send a massive revival to the whole of Europe! We pray for 100 million to be saved!

It will be very powerful that we are all doing this at the same time.

Isaac reopened the wells that had been dug in the time of his father Abraham, … and he gave them the same names his father had given them. .… He moved on from there and dug another well, and no-one quarrelled over it. He named it Rehoboth, saying, “Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.”   Genesis 26:18 & 22


Worship is Essential

Image of artesian well, Endla nature reserve, Estonia
Artesian well, Endla Nature Reserve, Estonia

We need to begin with worship in order to break through to God’s presence. This will naturally lead into prayer as the Holy Spirit leads us. A lot of worship might be needed to get the breakthrough, or it might come quickly, depending on how open the well is.

There will also be resources on the website, that group leaders can use if they choose. For example, suggested subjects for prayer, Bible verses to use in worship and proclamations, etc.

Each group has the flexibility to decide what times of day they worship and for how long, but we suggest at least two hours each day. Of course, you are free to worship all weekend if you like!

We hope that groups will form to worship at the important spiritual wells of every country. Prayer networks, houses of prayer, churches, local prayer groups and families – all can take part. Please get in contact to tell us where you are planning to worship. 

Try to meet at the original location of the work that God did before. If that’s not possible, then find somewhere close nearby and maybe also visit the original location to pray or do a prayer-walk around it.

If you cannot get to a well, please pray at home!

One Body
We will keep in contact through the internet so that we all feel we are one body and can share words from God, photos and encouragements. There is already a Facebook page => search for the Europe’s Wells public group and request to join.

Preparation should start three months beforehand, i.e. in March. Ask the Lord how you should worship and pray at your particular well. Research what God did there in the past. You need to know the main characteristics of the well, e.g. confession of sin, healings, brotherly love etc. Maybe you need to worship there several times beforehand to prepare the ground, if the well seems blocked and covered over by the enemy.

Leaders should make sure everyone in the group is well-prepared and knows the aim of the weekend and the history and characteristics of the well.

Also, please tell others!


Other Details

  1. Some wells will be easy and others will be hard. Some will be places where worship is already happening and it will be easy to worship there and for the living water to rise up. Others will be places where no worship has happened for a long time and the enemy has placed a heavy layer to block the well, like a thick layer of concrete capping a well. We may need to prepare in advance in these places with spiritual warfare. May the water of revival break through the thickest concrete and burst out!
  2. Please read about the Ring of Worship prayer project that took place in July 2017. The two are complementary – whereas the Ring of Worship  went to the physical edges of Europe (the spacial boundary), in the Wells project we will go through the Christian history of Europe (the time boundary).  Space and time – a powerful combination!
  3. Please pray for this project!  We need powerful prayer covering.

Thank you Lord that you have compassion on the people of Europe who are running after false gods and philosophies. You will call millions of them back to you!