May the Wells of Europe be Reopened!

Image spring from Pixabay - made into a banner
‘Then Israel sang this song: “Spring up, O well!”’  Numbers 21:17

A Major Worship and Prayer Initiative for  21-23 June 2019!

God has blessed us in Europe with so many renewals and revivals.  Some are still alive today, but many are no longer visible. Yet they are still there underground, like a well that has been blocked and covered over. We want simultaneous groups to worship and pray at all the major spiritual wells of the past, asking God for the living water to rise up again!

On the weekend 21-23 June 2019 we will: 

  • Friday 21 – thank God for all his wonderful works over 2000 years in our continent
  • Saturday 22 – ask him to send new life to these places again today – re-opening the ancient wells as Isaac did (Genesis 26:18)
  • Sunday 23 – ask him to send new revival to the whole of Europe!

Can you gather a group to worship and pray at a spiritual well near you? Was there an awakening or revival, a saint or powerful preacher who advanced the kingdom of God, or a monastery where people maintained daily worship and prayer for centuries? You just need to meet each day at a time that suits you, to worship and pray following the daily themes. You would be partnering with many other worshipers and intercessors across Europe and we warmly invite you to join us!

Reopening the wells of revival is being talked about a lot at this time, so this project fits in well with how God is leading others across Europe to seek revival.

The dates are:  21-23 June 2019  – please save them in your diary!

Do you feel God calling you to take part?  Please contact me.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Nick Pease
World Horizons