These are the spiritual wells that took part, where groups worshiped and prayed, 21-23 June 2019.

We were 120 groups taking part!

Country Location Description of Well
Albania Kruje Old capital, defence of the nation
Armenia Hor Virap & Gyumri 301 first nation to officially adopt Christianity, in Hor Virap;

1820 revival in town of Gyumri

Austria Bregenz, Vorarlberg a) Monastery established by Celtic monks Gallus & Columban;
b) During the Reformation the Anabaptists were persecuted and fled to America.
Austria Vienna Vienna House of Prayer & House of Glory Vienna,
Mercy House of Prayer,
a) Revival for the nation;
b) Celtic monastery in 12th cent. from the very beginning of the Duchy „Austria“ forming culture and education;
c) The Anabaptist movement as a witness of fearless and radical discipleship is returning to Eastern Austria;
d) Theodor Herzl: Austria’s responsibility towards the state of Israel.





Lydia Fellowship Vienna: Marco D’Aviano, a Capucene monk who helped save Vienna during the second Ottoman siege – Vienna as a bulwark of Christianity

Belgium Brussels The spring at Abbaye de la Cambre and the Chapel for Europe, near the EU Parliament
Bulgaria Burgas 100 years ago, Ukrainian missionaries brought the Pentecostal movement to Bulgaria
Croatia Zagreb House of Prayer, a resting place for the Lord
Cyprus Paphos The Apostle Paul preached here
Czech Republic Prague Jan Hus 1371-1415 and the Czech Reformation, a well of the love of truth
Estonia Tallinn 1730 Count Zinzendorf paid for Bible to be translated into Estonian,

Revivals in 1730, 1870, 1905 & ‘Ephphatha Revival’ 1968-85 (Mark 7:34)

France La Motte Servolex, Chambéry, Savoie House of prayer, Hautecombe Abbey
France Le Havre & Rouen Revival through Douglas Scott in 1930, beginning of Pentecostalism in France and the Assemblée de Dieu (AOG) churches
France Lyon & St Etienne In 177 AD, 48 believers were martyred in Lyon, including Pothinus, the first bishop of Lyon
France Marseille & Cannes Places where Huguenot believers were imprisoned
France Murbach, Guebwiller Murbach Abbey, House of Prayer
France Mont Aigoual, Cévennes region A place of worship and authority touching several wells of revival in the Cévennes region
France Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port Reformation, defence of Protestant faith
France Strasbourg Reformation
France Valence Huguenot prophetic movement among children and teenagers, early 1700s in the Cévénnes region. They were baptised in the Holy Spirit and prophesied from the Bible before they could read, preaching repentance and salvation.
Germany Allgäu Allgäuer revival movement through Martin Boos
Germany Bad Blankenburg German Evangelical Alliance, annual conference for past 124 years, thousands attend
Germany Bad Boll Johann Christoph Blumhardt, 1800s, apostle, healing, deliverance & kingdom of God
Germany Bad Lauterberg, Harz Friedrich von Schlümbach, 1842-1901, revival preacher in America and Germany, founded CVJM
Germany Bad Liebenzell-Möttlingen, Johann Christoph Blumhardt – breakthrough & beginning of his ministry
Germany Celle & Wienhausen Reformation came early

Convent from 1233 until today

Germany Chemnitz Monastery
Germany Ebersdorf, Thuringia 18th century spiritually revived community that inspired Zinzendorf
Germany Essen Well of Ludgerus – monk and missionary. An ecumenical prayer group will meet in the Catholic church of St Ludgerus
Germany Freudenberg, Siegerland Tillmann Siebel founded “Mission Hours” in 1822 and the Evangelical Fellowship of Siegerland & Wittgenstein.
Germany Gotha Chapel in a former Jewish prayer room;     Duke Ernst I the Pious
Germany Hermannsburg Ludwig Harms, 1800s, “Reviver of the Heath”, preaching and mission
Germany Herrnhaag Herrnhut settlement, sent out 600 Missionaries in 20 years!
Germany Herrnhut The Moravians & Count Zinzendorf, 1727 onwards

Brotherly love and mission, 24/7 prayer for over 100 years, sent missionaries all over the world. Many were influenced by the Moravians, including John & Charles Wesley

Germany Homberg Reformation
Germany Mühlheim Gerhard Tersteegen 1700s, Pietism, preaching

Ernst Modersohn, evangelism, repentance & 1905 spiritual renewal

Germany Munich Augustinerkirche, early Reformation in München before being driven out, a well of evangelism and life
Germany Potsdam, Brandenburg & Berlin a) Pietist revival movement 18th & 19th C;
b) Charismatic & church renewal movement in the former East Germany;
Germany Rehweiler 24/7 prayer for more than 40 years in 18th C
Germany Rothenburg ob der Tauber Awakening 20 years ago;
God has called the “Lighthouse” youth group to hold days of worship and prayer
Germany Wilhelmsdorf a) Höchsten Monastery, 14th C, worship, prayer and miracles;
b) Zockler Land Revival 18th C;
c) Herrenhut/ Korntal prayer movement 19th C (Wilhelmsdorf region).
Germany Zwickau The ‘Zwickau Prophets’ 1521, a movement of the Holy Spirit
Greece Athens The Areios Pagos where the Apostle Paul preached
Greece Peloponnese Early churches
Greece Thessaloniki Apostle Paul
Hungary Budapest Revivals since WW2 amongst Reformed, Pentecostal & charismatic Catholics

Meetings at Houses of Prayer, Reformed Scottish Mission, Jewish Mission School until 1945, & Lutheran Temple school.

Hungary Szombathely a) Life and ministry of St. Martin
b) St. Quirinus, a bishop who was martyred here
c) The great Protestant Revival during the political changes between 1988 and 1994
Hungary Nyíregyháza a) Shalom Churches
b) Bethánia Revival (1946-1952) amongst Reformed and Baptists (approx. 100 came to Christ)
c) Outpouring of the Holy Spirit (1971-1976) among the Free Christians (approx. 50,000 Gypsies came to Christ, 40,000 believers renewed)
d) New Outpouring (1991-1994) in the new Evangelical and Full-Gospel Churches (approx. 30,000 young people came to Christ or renewed in their faith, Tent Outreaches)
Hungary Kemecse, Debrecen, Ibrány, Gávavencsellö & Búj Shalom Churches
Hungary Kecel OIH Pentecostal Prayer Network
Hungary Újszász Interdenominational Closing Prayer Service – Reformed Temple
Ireland Scattery Island, mouth of River Shannon, Kilrush, Co Clare Celtic monastery and mission centre
Italy Siracusa Paul arrived in Italy, Acts 28
Lithuania Trakai Castle, close to Vilnius  Monastery & Jewish community
Malta Malta Apostle Paul, preaching & healing
Netherlands Malieveld, The Hague Revival and transformation of the church.
1958 American evangelist TL Osborne preached and demonstrated the Kingdom of God to thousands of people.
Netherlands Nijkerk 2e Pastorie – Nijkerkse Beroeringen – 1749-53 Revival through the ministry of preacher Gerardus Kuypers
Netherlands S’Heerenhof, Heidebeek Well of new beginnings
Norway Trondheim Christian centre for hundreds of years
Poland Living Stones ministry in Auschwitz-Birkenau A future well of revival!
Portugal Well of God’s Word of Truth Joao Ferreira de Almeida who translated the Bible into Portuguese, his translation is still used today
Romania Baia Mare Lutheran reformation
Romania Southern Romania A tour of various wells
Russia (Архыз, Karachay-Cherkessia) North Caucasus Places of Christian worship, the area was Christian before conquered by Islam
Russia Kaliningrad/Königsberg Preaching and evangelism; Adalbert, first missionary to Prussia, martyred; churches of the Teutonic order; Reinhard Bonnke born there
Russia Mozdok Evangelical movement among the Cossacks of the Tersky Region, late 1800s-early 1900s
Russia Ramenskoye & other cities of Moscow region “Sobriety Movement” late 1800s-early 1900s, 50,000 people saved, including alchoholics
Russia Rostov-on-Don Well of Unity, consolidation of the early Baptist and Shtundist churches in the South of Russia, late 1800s
Russia St. Petersburg Revival late 19th/early 20th Century, Lord Radstock, Pashkov, ministry to the poor, nobles & ordinary people worshiped together, Prokhanov’s evangelical movement
Russia Velikiy Novgorod & Pskov Pskov-Novgorod Republic 1300s–1400s, Strigolniky Bible reading renewal movement 1370-1490
Russia Almost every city & village affected Revival of the 1990’s;  hundreds of thousands salvations;  thousands of churches planted
Slovakia Devin Castle A key place for Christianity in Slovakia.  Apostles Cyril and Methodius established Christian training schools and developed a liturgy in the Slavonic language. Many were baptised there.
Spain Ávila Teresa of Ávila & John of the Cross
Sweden Gotland Celtic missionaries brought Christianity into Sweden around 1030
Sweden Husaby First Christian Swedish king was baptised here, 11th Century
Sweden Jönköping Revival in 1840s, many missionaries sent out
Sweden Lund God used Henric Shartau to bring revival to the church in Sweden in the 19th and 20th century
Sweden Tjörn Island
Sweden Varnhem Cistercian monastery established in the 12th C, monks were sent from France by Bernard of Clairvaux
Switzerland Buch Awakening in 1818-1819, many came to faith
Switzerland Dulliken, Olten Franziskushaus monastery – mission training center for Franciscan monks – mercy ministries, world mission & prayer
Switzerland Egg, Zurich Former Reformation area, now like an altar in the desert, strong prayer for a new awakening!
Switzerland Hauptwil 1878-1917 Revival through Pastor Otto Stockmeyer from Germany
Switzerland Hausen im Albis Marien Sisters Convent
Switzerland Männedorf Dorothea Trudel, 1813-1862, healing ministry
Switzerland Oberägeri Ländli Christian hotel (the biggest in Switzerland)
Switzerland Wilen/Gottshaus A new well of healing
Turkey Izmir Ancient city of Smyrna, one of the seven churches of John’s Revelation, there has been 24/7 prayer for 7 years
Turkey 2 other locations There are so many spiritual wells in Turkey
Ukraine Kiev 988 Vladimir, ruler of Kiev, and many of the people were baptised in the River Dnipro. A Messianic fellowship will join us!
UK – Northern Ireland Coleraine Revival 1859, an outpouring of the Spirit in the town square, about 100 people were ministered to in the town hall!
UK – Northern Ireland Kells & Ballymena A Sabbath school in Tawnybrack, Kells, County Antrim. Fervent prayer meetings for revival prior to the 1859 Ulster Awakening.
UK – Wales Llanelli, South Wales Wales has had many revivals.

1904 revival in South Wales – conviction of sin and repentance, God’s powerful presence, 100,000 people joined the church in 6 months

UK – Wales Llangeitho Revival early 18th Century through preacher Daniel Rowlands
UK – Scotland Island of Iona Celtic Christian mission centre founded by Columba from Ireland, lasted 3 centuries – worship, prayer, scholarship & evangelism. One of the key lights in the ‘dark ages’
UK – Scotland Kilsyth Early monastic settlement;
Revival under James Robe in 1742;
Revival in 1839 under William Chalmers Burns, part of the Second Great Awakening;
Further outbreaks of revival in 1908 and Kilsyth was an early focus of Pentecostalism.
UK – Scotland Hebrides 1949 Hebrides Revival (meeting in the Arnol house that shook in the revival!)
UK – England Bishop Auckland Well of revival
UK – England Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent 1950’s & 60’s Holy Spirit revival in St. John’s Church in Burslem
UK – England Cheshire Revival from John Wesley’s preaching, many chapels in the area
UK – England Cornwall Celtic missionaries & John Wesley
UK – England Essex The ancient churches of Essex
UK – England Gravesend, Kent Revival meeting with preacher Thomas Collins, many were touched. Burn UK will have 12-hour worship
UK – England Holy Island of Lindisfarne Very influential monastery, centre of evangelism
UK – England London Influential churches, famous preachers, work amongst the poor, political reform
UK – England Lowestoft Revival in 1921
UK – England Mow Cop Start of Primitive Methodism revival, early 1800s
UK – England Sheffield Beauchief Abbey 12th Century revival (confession of sin, caring for the land and poor, teaching);
John Wesley and George Whitfield (evangelism, preaching house, refuge for preachers);
UK – England Shropshire & Telford Prayer on Shropshire/ Welsh Border, in Wellington at the well of Dr Cranage, & in Telford
UK – England St Austell, Cornwall John Wesley preached there in the 1700’s.

Cornwall had a revival in 1814 which was continuous in different places for 20 years! This included a revival in St Austell and the surrounding area.

UK – England Sunderland Azusa Street & Toronto Blessing outpourings
UK – England Vale of Evesham Evesham Abbey
UK – England Wellingborough “Prayer Call of 1784” – concerts of prayer by Calvinistic Baptists;
Founding of the Baptist Mission Society and the birth of modern Protestant mission in 1792
UK – England York St Cuthbert’s HOP, where David Watson started his ministry