Key Themes:

  • Light coming, light in the darkness,
    • Isaiah 9 – “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.”
    • God says, “Let there be light!”
    • the curse of darkness over Europe to be lifted and light to arise
  • Water – pouring down or rising up, waterfalls, dams bursting, thunderstorms, rivers of living water flowing!

    For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground; I will pour MY SPIRIT on your descendants, and MY blessing on your offspring; they will spring up among the grass like willows by the watercourses. (Isaiah 44:3-4)

  • Some groups saw angels, one group saw gold dust manifested on their hands.
  • For most people it was a powerful time. “I know that something really happened!!”
  • Several groups felt that their well is now reopened.
  • God will bring the generations back together.
  • The sky and the weather – rainbows, unusual weather. Also, there was a very unusual event in the sky on Friday 21st night – a rare type of clouds called noctilucent clouds were seen all over Europe. These pale, beautiful clouds can sometimes be seen in the summer after sunset but it is rare for them to be seen over such a large area. Maybe we can receive this as a smile of confirmation from God?
  • I believe that King Jehoshaphat’s prayer in 2 Chronicles 20:6-12 is relevant to what we did. Judah faced an overwhelming threat that was too strong for them. In secularism and humanism we face an overwhelming force that is too strong for the church. King Jehoshaphat prayed, “For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.”
    That is what we did in our Europe’s Wells worship and prayer.
    Remember God’s answer – “Do not be afraid or discouraged … For the battle is not yours, but God’s. … stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you.”
    We must stand firm in God’s truth and in love, and we will see Him win the battle and receive glory.
  • So many places were first evangelised by Irish Celtic missionaries. May this massive spiritual well in Ireland be unblocked and flow out again!
  • I am particularly encouraged by the words of Friedemann in Switzerland:

“At the end I had the impression that a spiritual earthquake had taken place and that wells were opened all over Europe. Hallelujah, all the honour to our King Jesus!”

Three Years Later

A summary of responses three years after the event, when I asked participants what changes they had seen:

  • Inspiring and encouraging, we sensed God was working powerfully!
  • Europe’s Wells was part of a momentum of prayer
  • The Covid pandemic started 9 months later and dominated the following two years, but after that there were new people coming into churches
  • More ministry on the streets – worship and offering prayer, in Northumberland, Jönköping & Munich. People were more open!
  • Saw encouraging changes in personal life and ministry, e.g. increase in prophetic, increase in passion
  • Some things we will not know till the end of time
  • Several in Germany mentioned the Fire on the Altar 24-7 worship at Jesus House Herrnhut, restoring a very strong 300-year-old well
  • Expectant for the future!

Feedback From Individual Groups:

Andy in Llanelli, Wales – Noctilucent Clouds

After the Friday meeting, I spotted and photographed the extremely rare NOCTILUCENT clouds which are never seen this far South. I posted photos taken on the edge of Llanelli at Midnight. They shone all-night as a prophetic sign.
Then I read this post on 22nd Jun saying that this outbreak of bright noctilucent clouds had appeared over the whole of Europe! Wow. Prophetic signs in the heavenlies. Here is the post:

EXTREME OUTBREAK OF NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS: What do you get when you mix the summer solstice with one of the deepest Solar Minima in a century? “We have just witnessed an extreme outbreak of noctilucent clouds,” answers Jacob Kuiper of the Netherlands. “Last night (June 21st),at least 80% to 90% of our sky was covered by bright electric-blue waves.” The strange clouds were photographed in almost every country in Europe as far south as Italy and even in downtown Paris.

Robbert Jan from the Netherlands

Dear Prayer friends, I just want you to know that this momentum of praying for the opening of the Wells is also a real encouragement for the other Prayer movements in Europe. We are standing together in the same calling/ministry.

Tarjei from Trondheim, Norway

We gathered in Trondheim Misjonskirke, Norway, Saturday and Sunday, to pray for the old well of Nidaros/Trondheim to be opened.

Cressida from Bishop Auckland, England

On Friday 21st evening, 30 of us from different churches and different nations gathered. We had a wonderful time of praise and worship in a truly ‘God’s Presence’-filled atmosphere and made declarations over the town, surrounding areas and the people. Following the end of this meeting we had a 24-hour prayer chain and nearly 50 people pledged to pray. The Holy Spirit is calling again for people who will take a stand for the truth of Scripture, and bring these truths in the language of the people.

There is a tangible hunger in people to really see a move of God and I believe that the unity among the people of God here, that is quite unprecedented, is actually a testimony to the fact that the Well of the Water of Life has already begun to flow here! Blessings to all of you!

Claire from Sheffield, England

I have been asking the Lord how we can communicate the gospel to people nowadays. There seems to be such a disconnection between Christians and others; even the language we speak as Christians means nothing to other people. As we have been digging the walls this weekend I looked (yet again) at John 4, the woman of Samaria meeting Jesus at Jacob’s well. The Holy Spirit showed me clearly that the woman had no idea what Jesus was talking about. There really was a disconnection between them. Jesus used a word of knowledge to speak to the woman, (about her having had 5 husbands and now a partner) and this was what began to change her perception of Him. If we want a practical method to reach people let’s ask the Holy Spirit to give us words of knowledge when witnessing and caring for others.

Gabrielle on Mont Aigoual, Cévennes region, France

What an amazing time on Mont Aigoual, Cévennes region, France, with people from all over the region! We especially received that God had set up a table for us and that He is inviting us into what He has prepared for Europe; this is His plan. Halleluia! The other passage we were led to declare was:

“See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.” (Song of songs 2:10-14 )

From Béatrice & Bruno in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France

Here in the Basque country we have prayed during 3 days. We are only 4 but God says where is 2 or 3 who are OK. We are OK. God bless Europe! God bless Pays Basque.

From Sylvie in Le Havre & Rouen, France

Pierre, a pastor, saw hundreds of angels at the entrance to the harbour and they were rejoicing!
Sylvie saw a vision of the conversation between Yeshua and the Samaritan lady at the well – the whole conversation was played out before her eyes!
The wells are opening in France!

Deb from USA with a group in Romania

Eight of us prayed in a number of different places in Romania with other people joining us in various locations. The first place was Comani where there is a physical well named aptly “the well of the brides”. Lots of heartfelt prayers offered up by 10 believers. The water at the well was not potable. We prayed that people would come to the living water and find life. “May Christ’s bride be increased.”

Helene from Lund, Sweden

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Andrea from Lake Constance area, Germany

Thunderstorms were predicted, and often Lake Constance is covered in fog, but when we prayed, the clouds lifted and we could see the lake clearly, very unusual. Gold dust manifested on our hands and we saw angels.

Johanna from Switzerland

Great thankfulness to our forefathers – an angel fighting alongside her – unity, we are one big family, fighting together. Wherever you and I stand, we are not alone. God’s armies are fighting with us, against the powers of evil who were defeated by Yeshua on the cross of Golgotha. Tear down the barriers, do not fight for God on your own, but stand with others and fight for God’s Kingdom in his power.

Friedemann from Schloss Hauptwil, Switzerland

A week before the event I saw a huge dam holding back water representing the work, power and presence of the Holy Spirit. A few people were trying to break the dam but they could not. The dam was built up of sin and particularly the rejection of the Holy Spirit. I believe the Lord will tear it down as we repent.

On the Europe’s Wells weekend we worshiped the Lord at the Schloss (castle) where Otto Stockmayer ministered. We were about 15 adults and 10 children. It was a powerful time and we could sense the Spirit of God. We repented that Otto Stockmayer signed the Berlin Declaration against the Pentecostal movement in 1909. It was a good beginning and we will carry on.

At the end I had the impression that a spiritual earthquake had taken place and that wells were opened all over Europe. Hallelujah, all the honour to our King Jesus!

Brigitte from Hemmerle, Egge, Zürich, Switzerland

A beautiful double rainbow over the whole area.
“You are my beloved sons and daughters”
Isaiah 45:5-7, 11-13; Isaiah 44:6-8
Jesus’ victory, the enemy had to give way.
Jesus on the throne, stretches out his sceptre to us, “It doesn’t need a big group of warrors.”
Prisons under the earth broken open, deep setting free.
Repentance for generational sins:
– the enemy biting the umbilical cord
– Psalm 8:3
Many people with flames of the Holy Spirit on their heads.
Sunrise – everything becoming light.
A waterfall from heaven; generation after generation will be watered.
A gentle wind will bring calm.
Keep going, look at Jesus not left or right, not distractions!

A large group in Bad Boll, Germany

The well of Johann Christoph Blumhardt who had a powerful healing and deliverance ministry in the 19th Century.
The spiritual well in Bad Boll, which was filled in for over 100 years, is now open again!!
From Friday evening to Sunday noon, we conducted a variety of events with a team at the site of the well. The unity in the team was terrific, and the Holy Spirit, as the spirit of prayer, took over the assembly on Saturday afternoon, so we had to (and wanted to) change our program! Thanks and glory be to the Lord! Let us pray that the streams of living water will now flow into the whole region and connect with the other streams in Germany and Europe. And that the enemy does not spoil anything that has broken through, nowhere. “That Jesus wins – stands forever …!”

Elsita in Chemnitz, Germany

It was very, very, very good! We were 15-20 people, different each day.
On Saturday morning we prayed in the oldest chapel in our city. It is the only remaining room of the first benedictine monastery in Chemnitz, 12th century. There was an amazing presence of the HOLY SPIRIT!
In the ruins of Altzella monastery we had powerful prayer, it was very deep.
Psalm 24 “Lift up your heads, O you gates! …”
“Behold, now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation!”
A fig tree was there – a symbol of new life.
The Winter is over and Spring has come, Song of Songs 2:10-14
On the way out through the park, we met a bride and groom!

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; …” (Isaiah 44:3-4)

Katya in St Petersburg, Russia

On the Friday evening we led a church meeting in a large church and then went for a night-time prayer-drive around the city with many cars.
On the Saturday we did a prayer-tour of the spiritual wells of St Petersburg, led by Tatiana who has researched them. I felt we really connected with the cloud of witnesses. At the house where English Lord Radstock brought revival to the nobility there is still such a presence of God.
On the Sunday we prayed at the well of the 19th Century Sobriety Movement.

Evgeniy, Elena and Beke in Kaliningrad, Russia

“Many greetings from Kaliningrad!!! Thanks God for this wonderful project The Europe’s Wells! It’s privilege and God’s Mercy for us to take a part in this project! … We have understood that when Christians from Germany bless citizens of Kaliningrad region, it will be new blessing season for our land.”

Despite incredible opposition and hassle, and with miraculous provision from God, Evgeniy and Elena from Kaliningrad and Beke from Germany were able to form a worship & prayer team. Praise God for bringing a joint German/Russian team together for this former German city that is now part of Russia. Together they were able to speak God’s truth, healing and reconciliation to the land in Russian and German.
The cross of Adalbert, the first missionary to the region, martyred there in 750. Kaliningrad has been known as a graveyard for missionaries but may that change now!
Worship and prayer at the former site of a large Pentecostal church, which Reinhard Bonnke’s family was connected to.
Great worship and prayer near the well of a Menonite revival in 1717, repentance for the church closing down the revival, and prayer for it to be reopened.
Prayed at the stadium, that it will be filled for Jesus and people will come running, not caring how they look but desperate to receive and masses shall come to Christ.
We deeply prayed into a re-formation in the spiritual. It was a very powerful time.

Zhandet in Mozdok, Caucasus Region, Russia

Mozdok was set up by Catherine the Great to spread Christianity in the Caucasus. The team prayed at many wells – ancient churches that are now ruins but are evidence of living faith long ago, faith that is still known to God today.

From Stephen and Patrick in Siracuse, Sicily, where Paul landed

We prayer walked the island part of Syracuse city, starting at a point where, because of rocks etc., was “probably” where Paul landed. We asked God to “land again” and flow all the way to Rome as Paul did but beyond into the rest of Europe.

We sat actually facing Israel, asked forgiveness and spoke blessings over the people and nation. As we walked the coast we thanked God for his work – as we passed churches – asking Him to do it again. Interesting was a church called Holy Spirit church, very unusual for a Catholic church. So we blessed it asking Holy Spirit to re-create it to be as it is called. Overall the prayer flowed easily.

Upper Room House of Prayer, Zagreb, Croatia

This morning we prayed here at the Upper Room in Zagreb for Croatia’s wells. Thankful for all the pioneers gone before us. This is Europe’s time! #EuropesWells

Kristo from Tallinn, Estonia

There was a marvellous revival in the church of Oleviste of Tallinn in 1968-1985. Thousands of people including my Mom Kertu received Christ there. We are so grateful! And now we are praying and waiting for a new wave of the Holy Spirit: Joel 3:1-2.

Antonio from Thessalonica, Greece

The prayer gathering in Thessaloniki went very well 🙂
We had a powerful first day of thanksgiving and communion. On the second day a group of 14 intercessors from Germany (Destiny Tour) joined us to deal with the thing the Greeks and Germans did together against the Jews of this town previously known as “the Jerusalem of the Balkans”. Today we finished with a powerful meeting of worship and intercession!
People were very eager to participate, we were no less than 20 every day!
I am waiting to see in short time the result of this, let the Lord fill our wells with Revival now!

Dag in Kruje, Albania

We were lead / dedicated to take on the 3 days of (reopening of) Europe’s Wells. And I am blessed we did so!
We were all together about 20 people from 4 churches in Albania focusing on Kruje, the old capital of Albania. Kruje means “wells”! It is where the national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeg fought for his people and conquered several much bigger Turkish armies, worshiping Jesus for the strength and his victories some 600 years ago.
We had people praying and worshiping indoor at 2 locations: In local churches in Kruje and Fushe-Kruje, at the same time as we did the three days outdoor at three locations of historic relevance.

Besides doing as scheduled or suggested by Nick, we also at every spot shared the Lord’s Supper, and did prophetic acts reaffirming the covenant between the ancient Albanians (the Illyrian people) and Jesus as Lord over all their territory. The weather was hot, 32-35 degrees Celsius, but the Lord sent fresh breezes of air!
We got many revelation and words, besides worshiping and praying. And believe that we all (in Europe) taking part, by the Spirit of God, made History and important steps towards the reopening of the wells, and to see Europe saved again.

Will from Paphos, Cyprus

On Saturday we went to the Apostle Paul’s pillar in Paphos, somewhere near where Acts 13 happened. We asked for the well of the gospel to be opened again. On Sunday we met at a house inland and asked the Holy Spirit to show us the new wells in Europe. God gave Rose a song from Heaven played on her flute. Everywhere we saw new wells springing up! We shared communion.

Mary from Lindisfarne Island (known as Holy Island), England

On Holy Island we prayed and sang at the cross on St Cuthbert’s Island. There was such freedom and we felt a wonderful sense of God’s peace. Later, as we prayed in St Cuthbert’s Centre, we joined on FaceTime with others in the Northwest of England and declared over the church that it is time to wake up!
We felt the power of a united cry going up from all the groups across Europe from north to south and west to east.

Maria from Gotland island, Sweden

On Gotland Christianity entered Sweden through St Olof – a Celtic Christian. In the site where we gathered was a monastery in the 13th century. We reopened the following kingdom wells:

  • Celtic missions movement – a key model for reaching the Swedes
  • Prayer and worship altar/community in a new version of monastery on the island
  • The Pietist revival from the 19th century on the island

The Lord showed us Jacob’s well and how Jesus was tired when he got there. He was asking the woman for strength from a drink of water from the well. Jesus is identifying himself with tired leaders and Christians who needs an encouraging, refreshing encounter with him at the well.
He wants Gotland to put up a tent of meeting by its well. Maybe more well sites in Europe will get that calling – to be a Jacob well in the days ahead (John 4:6 onwards).

Sigrid from Jönköping, Sweden

Praying yesterday in Jönköping, Sweden, we were surprisingly overwhelmed with compassion for Turkey!! We wept and read/prayed out loud all the wonderful promises to the ancient churches of Asia Minor, who each one of them received a letter from Jesus. We prayed for the ancient wells to spring open! We prayed for restoration and double glory for Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. Arise, shine!! Shake the dust off yourselves and cast off the yoke from your neck! The enemy thought he had the last word, but his days are about to run out and the Lion of Judah shall roar over Asia Minor once more!!

Tonight the Scripture Exodus 17:11 just dropped into my mind. I looked it up, reading about Aaron and Hur supporting the arms of Moses. And the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart: “You have struck the wells open – (Moses had before that battle struck the rock of Horeb with his staff, water pouring out) – now be prepared for [battle with] Amalek. Do not be surprised! Just be prepared, stay calm, confident and steadfast! You shall prevail against him, with your arms continually stretched up to Heaven, as long as the battle takes. Support each other, stay united, and you shall prevail”.

Margaret from Malta

From Malta praying for Malta and Europe. Thanked the Lord for what He did when He sent Paul to Malta. We honoured our forefathers for keeping the faith, we repented for walking away from the Lord and prayed He will turn us again to Him and to stand against unrighteousness.
We prayed for the well of righteousness to open up, calling this well Jehovah Tsidkenu – The Lord is our righteousness.
One very significant revelation one had received as we were praying, was that he felt the Lord saying that His eyes are over Malta standing against abortion. Malta is the gate at the south of Europe. In the past we stood against the Ottoman empire, we stood against Hitler … when we were as one. So we worshiped the Lord and repented as we have not been as one, and as one we intentionally agreeing with the Lord… His eyes are over Malta to stand in righteousness against abortion. Please stand with us in prayer.

Cees from Nijkerk, Netherlands

We had a very special time of toasting on the goodness and mercy of God. Young and old together, a mix of generations. On the same evening together we magnified God with praise and worship. Today we had a time of powerful intercession that God will open the old source of Nijkerk again. Come Holy Spirit!

Suse from Bad Blankenburg, Germany

Greetings from Bad Blankenburg the second day of the prayer weekend. Today we prayed in the famous ancient conference hall of the German Evangelical Alliance house, which Ernst Modersohn and friends built over a 100 years ago in only 10.5 weeks. Thousands of people have found the Lord in this place, or a calling to full time missions or ministry. 85% of the participants used to be under 25 years. Lord, do it again!!!

From Aukje praying from South Africa!

I had a vision of a Bride wearing a long white dress, standing in front of stairs. When she tried to step up her long dress prevented her from doing that, but when she lifted up the dress, her feet became visible and she was able to climb up the steps with grace and boldness. I sensed that the dress symbolizes our righteous acts and when we lift up our lives and our righteous acts in worship and prayer to God we ascend and enter the presence of God. Let us continue to lift up our lives and righteous acts in worship and prayer. Let’s not focus and what we have done for God but make his presence our goal.

Karen from Marseille & Cannes, France

We met at locations in Marseille and Cannes where Huguenots (French Protestants) were imprisoned for their faith.
In Cannes we felt the cross was important, Jeremiah 20:9-11.
In Marseille, 3500 Huguenots chose prison or the galleys (slave ships) rather than renounce their faith.
A good start and we will continue!

Daniel from Mühlheim, Germany

“It is without doubt that there would be more awakenings if believers did not get in the way. Whenever believers make room for the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself in and among them and to purify their hearts, the Holy Spirit is enabled to rescue sinners.” (Ernst Modersohn)

Yeonsil with a Welsh/Korean group in Llanelli, Wales

I am praying for Llanelli’s well. We meet at Ty Gwyn community church. And on Saturday morning we do Open Air worship at town centre (Spring). We want to meet people in time and invite people to afternoon service. We choose here it is very close with the church. I am praying for people’s heart. Lord, Stir up their hearts and move Holy Spirit on all Llanelli and all Wales and all Europe.

Lis in Llanceithio, Wales

The shadow of all the revivals which had taken place there was evident.

Bob in Sunderland, England

We prayed in Sunderland in NE England in the very building where the fire fell in 1907 and later in the 1990’s.

Kirstie from Cheshire, England

One of our group had a vision of the parched land, a place of drought, dead animals and no vegetation. Then a storm coming; water pouring down, “Let it rain – Open the floodgates of heaven!” And then the dry places becoming transformed into greenery and abundance!

Lydia from St. John’s Church, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England

Rivers of living water flowing from the altar – The final prophetic picture from the service at St. John’s Burslem. Rivers of living waters flowing from the well. What an amazing journey that is opening up before us…this is just the beginning!

Stephen from Stoke-on-Trent, England

“The voice of the Lord is over the waters. The God of glory thunders. The lord thunders over the mighty waters.” (Psalm 29:3)

Jill from Brentwood, Essex, England

Today a couple of us prayed in Brentwood at the memorial of William Hunter who died being burned alive at 19 years old for his determination to read the Bible for himself in English. Also that Brentwood was a stopping point for pilgrims going to Canterbury Cathedral to honour the martyrdom of St Thomas a Becket.

A friend & I went to St Cedd’s Bradwell where “the veil between heaven & earth is tissue thin.” We prayed & I worshipped with my huge tangerine/gold worship flags… The sky was luminous… I can only imagine how beautiful it was over the chapel last night. Astonishing…

Amanda in Braintree, Essex, England at the well of John Bunyan

Listen! Step out in boldness! Proclaim the truth! Love! Fear the Lord! Praise him! Revival is coming! But it must start with us! See the refining; the stripping away of idols; the spiritual war that has been raging; your shifting focus? God is aligning our hearts with his. Take your eyes off the storm and fix them on Jesus! For what they meant for harm, God is using for good! You may not see this now but in time you will understand! God is ‘doing a new thing!

Lizzie Beth from Cornwall, England

Another well today. The oldest holy well in Cornwall UK with a chapel, originally built in the 6th century. St Clether. We worshipped, prayed, blew the shofar and sat in heavy glory as His peace embraced us.

Kathy from Hephzibah House of Strategic Prayer, St Blazey, Cornwall, England

Beautiful tangible presence of God as I prayed overlooking St Winnow then worshipped in St Sampson’s church Golant, Cornwall, UK. Samson was a Welsh Celtic missionary who moved in miracles, signs and wonders. He went to Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. The well at St Sampson’s reopened in the 1800 when William Haslem was there. Many hundreds became Christians at that time. Crying out for it to open once again and remain open.

Whilst decreeing Number 21:17 God released a spontaneous prophetic song. We had been singing it for quite a while before starting to record. Such joy and expectation was bubbling up. This was straight after someone saw a vision of two Wells opening, one of water, the other oil. (Hephzibah house of strategic prayer, Cornwall, UK).

All this week I’ve been walking in to the tiniest church in England founded by Welsh Celtic missionary Bueno. It’s called Culbone Chapel, Exmoor. (It’s not accessible by road). Often there on my own for hours and have been singing Numbers 21:17 spring up oh well. All of you sing to it. Such a presence of the holiness of God. A beautiful ancient well, opening.

Clare from St Austell, Cornwall, England

This weekend we have based ourselves at Menacuddle Holy Well in St Austell, Cornwall, UK. An area which previously was overgrown but was restored in 2016. It is now a beautiful public space where we were able to worship and pray. We were encouraged as we shared about John Wesley’s visits to St Austell in the 18th century and a further revival in the 19th Century.

William from Beacon House of Prayer, Stoke-on-Trent, England

The last of three days worship and prayer at Mow Cop, England, as part of Europe Revival Wells project. Great to stand as Christians from the local area and across Europe praying for an evangelising church and for a fresh spiritual awakening in the coming years. Declaring over Europe, “Behold I am doing a new thing!”

Peter and Helen from Sweden

Prayer at the well of Husaby. The apostle Saint Sigfrid from York baptized the Swedish King Olof Skötkonung in the year of 1008. The country became Christianized. 50 people gathered for the country.
From Husaby, a time of repentance, stones removed for a Gods foundation of salvation to come and our relationship with God strengthen and deepen.

Helmut in Rehweiler, Germany

It was such a blessed time in Rehweiler, the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident, we could almost grasp hold of it. Thank you to all who joined us to bring this place before the throne of God.

Christa from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Gideon’s experience came to my mind, as he heard a prophetic dream from the Mideanite enemy camp.

“A round loaf of barley bread came tumbling into the Midianite camp. It struck the tent with such force that the tent overturned and collapsed.” (Judges7:9-15)

The interpretation: God had given Gideon the victory over his enemy!
God has given us the victory!

Ingrid from Karlsruhe, Germany

We were only two in Karlsruhe but we met on each of the three days to pray. Karlsruhe is called to be a place of God’s calm. There is a district called Gottesaue (“God’s meadow”) where there used to be a monastery dedicated to prayer and worship of God and service to the poor. It was part of a spiritual renewal and prayer movement and there were big tent crusades. Great revival preachers like Henhöfer worked in the vicinity of Karlsruhe and Reinhard Bonnke was sent out from here.

A strong prayer theme was repentance for going to polluted sources instead of going to the source of life. Repentance for anti-Semitism, destruction of life (abortion) and dignity of the elderly.

Promises we received:

“You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain. … You are a garden fountain, a well of flowing water streaming down from Lebanon. Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread abroad. Let me lover come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.” (Song of Songs 4:12-16)

“He opened the rock, and water gushed out; like a river it flowed in the desert.” (Psalm 105, 41)

Your builders are coming and your destroyers must flee!
Fire of God for Germany and Europe
Prayer houses in Turkey

Helmut from Gotha, Germany

From one of the group – he saw above the well a black sandstone obelisk. Then the sun came and shone on the obelisk with rays like laser beams. Suddenly, the obelisk cracked and broke into pieces. A jet of water shot up, the well is free, hallelujah!

Angela from Siegerland, Germany

God wants to re-establish Europe on the foundation of His Word and bring his light into the darkness. God’s Word is coming anew to Europe! (Joel 3 and Revelation 21:6)
He will bring the generations back together again.

Huguette from Murbach, Guebwiller, Alsace, France

Monks from Ireland came to evangelise, notably Columban. We reopened the wells of praise, evangelism and teaching. We saw angels arriving here, warrior angels who were happy to be able to come and serve us. May all the glory go to God who initiated this weekend. We are happy to have been able to take part. Shalom

Christian from Strasbourg, France

20-30 people gathered.
God is going to do great things in the relations between the countries of Europe.
At a conference in Timisoara, Romania in September 2015 Europe was renamed as Beulah, meaning ‘married’.

He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse… (Malachi 4:6)

As for you, because of the blood of my covenant with you, I will free your prisoners from the waterless pit. (Isaiah 49:8b-10; Zechariah 9)

Lüdenscheid, Germany

A group was not able to be organised for the Europe’s Wells weekend, but a few days later the local Lutheran pastor called all the churches together to worship and pray in the town centre, at the site of the former Chapel of the Cross.

Gareth from Brussels, Belgium

When praying beforehand, a friend received a picture of a spray bottle, but as it was sprayed, only a thin stream came out, as if it was set to ‘stream’ instead of to ‘spray’. She said “It was not a powerful image, yet the words “concentrated” and “targeted” came to me.”

On a trip to Israel recently I took a lump of salt from the shores of the Dead Sea. I also went to the place where Saul and the Israelites confronted the Philistine army, 1 Samuel 17:19-40, and took five stones from the dry bed of a stream that we crossed as we walked into the valley of Elah where David slew Goliath.
 This stream could very well have been the stream from which David took his stones, verse 40. The salt that we used is very “concentrated” and David’s “targeting” was perfect!

I believe we were not only called to cleanse the Maelbeek spring which rises in the grounds of the Abbaye de la Cambre in Brussels, but also to target the obstacles that block the flow of the Holy Spirit in Brussels in the EU Institutions and in the Church.
Recently perhaps the most important call to prayer given by Rick Ridings from Succat Hallel prayer house in Jerusalem, is for prayer for Deliverance from Systems of evil.
We identified five particular systems of evil that have influence in Brussels. And the five opposite and pure spirits that overcome these systems …

  1. Power and Domination – overcome by Humility and Servanthood
  2. Money (mammon) – overcome by Generosity
  3. Death and Corruption – overcome by Life
  4. False religion – overcome by Presence and Power of Holy Spirit
  5. Perverted sexuality – overcome by Selfless Love

We each took one of the five stones from the stream in Israel and named it after one of these pure spirits. Then with our stone we used it to break a piece of salt from the lump and then placed that piece of salt in a new bowl.

Together we proclaimed Psalm 114:7-8:
Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob, who turned the rock into a pool, the hard rock into springs of water.

From there we went in the power of the Holy Spirit to cleanse the Maelbeek and to sweeten the wells and the atmosphere of Brussels.

We sat together at the pool which is the source of the Maelbeek stream. It is beside the Abbaye de la Cambre in a very quiet and peaceful wooded valley. As we each threw our lump of salt into the pool we named the pure spirits that each of us had chosen. In doing this we were targeting the evil spirits that have become blockages along the stream of the Maelbeek. Thus we were not only cleansing the waters but also releasing a free flow of the Holy Spirit through Brussels.